Saturday, July 3, 2010

Experiments in herbal emergency contraception

I started this blog a very long time ago with the intent to discuss my more personal endeavors and adventures in herbalism, women's health, and spirituality, but it never got posted in. I have certain things I want to share but can't do so in the blog that I use for our house and garden. So here we go. Oh, and I should also warn any readers that I have started several of these sort of half-arsed attempts and let them sit idle for long periods, so bear with me. I do have a lot to share.

Tonight, I am making a emmenagogue brew. I am 9 months postpartum and have had two menstrual cycles, which I know is not out of ordinary in the slightest, but I'm eager to bleed. I always enjoyed menstruating. So breastfeeding causing me ammenorhea is starting to get old, and I know there are other things I can do to get my hormones steady.. honestly, this mama's looking for something to make it happen. Irresponsible? Probably.

For a quick aside, I have been using the LadyComp, a fertility monitor, for about six weeks. It's definitely still getting to know my cycle, but already it knows I might be gearing up to menstruate. It's been 46 days since the first day of my last cycle. I've always had luteal phases on the longer side (17 days usually) but 46 days makes me kind of nervous, especially since I definitely could be.. well... you know...

Also, I've used herbal emergency contraception many times. Parsley, in particular. I would love to hear comments about experiences others have had, things that they've tried and have been successful, rumors, old wives tales, etc...

I'll post the recipe for this emmenagogue after I take it and see its effect.


DoulaHara said...

I've used the Vitamin C & Parsley recipe from Hot Pantz before, very effectively. I'm assuming you have a copy of Hot Pantz? If not I need to send you one :) I'd love to know what Parsley protocol you've used.

A friend has a funny story about forgetting the parsley on an intimate

Stephanie said...

yes! i did the parsley/C combo effectively for a long time. and i used to have a copy of Hot Pantz and, in all the traveling, lost it! it would be pretty amazing if you would send me a copy.

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